Work & Home: Maneuver it smartly


day starts with a thought in mind or none at all. Many people like to plan their day well in advance and others would just like to see things happen to them. It’s a huge deal in itself to commute from one place to another be it for work or personal stuff. Well a man has got two things in his life, his work and his house, none of the two can be done away with! So how does he go about with balancing the two?
Your children would need you more than anything else. People at work would always be there to cover you up, the grocery items could be delivered at your home but your child, he would not have any one to help him out! It is you who is responsible for your child’s up brining and looking forward to his well being. The warmth, love and affection is what your child needs from you which requires you to give time. In today’s fast life you often miss out on the most essential things when it comes to your kid.


It is necessary for you to know what your child wants from you. Children, even young children, notice when you’re not really paying attention to them. Being a parent in special circumstances like being a single parent or being a parent of a physically challenged child, comes with its own challenges. Younger children, including babies and toddlers who can’t yet tell you what they need, are often tired, grumpy or hungry by the time you’re all home at the end of the day. They want attention in the form of cuddles and comforting physical contact. Paying attention to your child is therefore of utmost importance. Your child might have a lot of questions for you like:

a) Can you help me with my homework
b) Teacher asked me to come in black shoes only
c) Give me food, I am hungry
d) I won a prize in the race that took place

These are a daily affair for any child. They want to connect with you and share all the things that they come across on any given day. A few tips here would come in handy to help you really leave work behind and be present with your child:

a) Review the work day before you leave work and before you reunite with your child. This allows you to shift gradually to thinking about home and family.
b) Stay a little longer at work to finish up a task instead of taking it home. Longer hours might not be the best option in the long term for sure.
c) Try to arrange your work so you take on the most difficult and challenging tasks at the beginning of the day, instead of at the end.
d) Create some time between work and home to allow work to be ‘put to rest’ in your head.

It is a fact that has come out through research that stress, heavy workloads and unpleasant social interactions at work can make you anxious and more stressed at the end of the day. This can interfere with your ability to pay attention to your child when you get home. After all it’s you who has to change things around, if not for yourself then atleast for your child. Wait no more and act on it!

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