Welcome Your Child to the bright world of possibilities

S chooling is a significant event in a child’s life. A loving parent makes sure to warm up the amazing journey with a fruitful endeavor. Being a child isn’t an easy task.Child-education

The vibrancy of an unconquered childhood deserves the guiding light of affection and direction. Keeping a few things in mind, you can make a difference:

  • Instill the love for books: Let your child know that good books are the only true and everlasting friends and that nothing can replace the bliss of entering the adventurous world of books and exploring reality. Organize a reading session in quiet afternoon or evening hours for a happy family reading experience.
  • Encourage curiosity: Remember to never suppress your kid’s curiosity. Enjoy the new ideas and queries with a smile. Peep into the surface of things and try answering with a tender elderly feel.
  • Let your child know ‘you’re there’: For a young and innocent child, it’s extremely important to feel loved and cared for, and know an elder to consult while encountering difficulties. Being a supportive adult, you can help build confidence in your child to face everyday challenges and later metamorphose into a responsible adult.
  • Celebrate family time: It has been rightly said that time is the best gift to be given. It shows sincerity and dedication. Sometimes sharing a word or two with your child is better than gifting him/her a new toy.
  • Balance outdoors and indoors: Maintaining a right balance between outdoor fun and indoor activities is another aspect of effective parenting. Shuffle up the weekend fun and make it more happening. This way, the child will learn to accept the different tastes and broaden up his perception.
  • Spread the magic of storytelling and poetry: Children share an amusing relationship with rhymes. This is the reason why pre-schools are all about stories and poetry pieces. Due to fresh memory and better learning ability, children are better at memorizing poetry and winning hearts with that sweet voice. Let them love words and know the art of self expression.
  • Just share: When something seems to be going wrong, sharing it rejuvenates the mind. Be a friend cum parent and you’ll see that your child approaches you first about how his day went at school and why or why not he dislikes a particular teacher or any other story of bullying. Sharing makes things easier and clears away doubts and confusions. It empowers the child as well.

So welcome your child to the bight world of hopes, dreams and possibilities and partake in making a remarkable change. Indeed, a parent is the most effective teacher! Be one!

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