Understanding your child’s interest


here is no school equal to decent home & no teacher equal to a virtuous parent”- Gandhi

As a responsible parent, it is your obligation to instill the ethical & moral values in your child, but does that imply you should overlook your child’s interest? Of course, not! Teaching & learning has to be a friendly & mutual affair. So, when your little kid is slowly getting acquainted to various pigments of the gorgeous life, you as a parent must pull up your socks & put yourself at his disposal as & when they need you. Here are a few things that specifically need to be taken care of.


Developing Your Child’s Potential: An ideal parent must possess the capability to gauge the true acumen of his child. So it becomes quite evident that you must ask the teacher to allow your child to move through the curriculum at a pace that accommodates his/her knowledge level. Rushing into things will only multiply his problems. Also you must ensure that mistakes lead to perfection, having said that your job as a parent isn’t to prevent your children from falling, but to pick them up when they do.

Hobbies and Interests Can Enrich a Child’s Life: You never know when hobbies turn into a fatal attachment. Being a responsible parent you must cultivate the habit of interest & hobbies in your child & you never know when his liking will lead him to a famed position. Therefore, encourage your child to translate his/her interests into stories, pictures, collections, and inventions.

Encourage your child to tell you his/her ideas while you play secretary by writing them down: You must acknowledge the fact that to understand a child’s logic; you have to bring yourself down to their level & visualize things from their perspective. Accept and use his/her tendency to see things differently & that’s how you initiate the evolution of an innovative brain. Remember, they may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel!

Permit plenty of time for thinking and daydreaming: If you can dream it, you can do it. And the whole process must be encouraged right from the childhood. You never know what kind of innovative waves those tiny brains are dissipating. Give your kid the complete liberty to think & dream and you never know child grows up to become another Einstein or Tesla!

Do not be anxious about single-mindedness: Irritation is the word you must weed out of your dictionary when child starts to talk & shoots all the useless questions at you. That offensive attitude of yours will not only bog your kid down but can also turn him into a petrified introvert. Let him come up with all those surging apprehensions & for the best interaction you can also ask your child as many questions as he/she asks you.

The bottom-line remains that a kid has a frivolous & raw brain that looks for a caring support from parent. Gel with them, support them & help them come out with flying colors.

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