The importance of education exhibition in the marketing mix


ith the advent of marketing and its ever increasing nuances, there is certain amount of resistance from the customers because of its continuous presence in the day-to-day life. Not so with exhibitions, though. Thanks to the nature of exhibitions, customers are given the preparation time to attend the event and are often ready to indulge or even end up buying your product or service.

And given the rise in the number of educational institutions and speculating the competition in student enrollment, Education Exhibitions have become a prominent figure, not only for the institutions but parents and students alike. Where else would they get to meet so many institution authorities under one roof!

Hence, one could comprehend that education fairs are an important instrument for effective communication with your target audience; however, in order to optimize their full potential, education institutions must be well prepared by batting within the rules of exhibition marketing and taking into account the specific character of education-oriented events.

Understanding the process

It is important to understand the full process of the preparation and delivery of an exhibition. An exhibition includes a sequence of steps which are importance for an exhibitor to derive maximum gain from the event.

  • Identify the goals of the exhibition
  • Select fairs that would permit achieving the goals
  • Set a budget
  • Work on the presentation concept and design and delivery of the exhibition booth
  • Select and train members for the event
  • Prepare promotional materials
  • Participation
  • Follow up after the event

Communication is the key
Next is to decode the communication strategy with the visitors – its effectiveness and complexity! Initiating interaction with the visitors on the ultimate key, for that’s your chance to tickle his queries to conversion. Try to involve the audience as much as possible by arranging interactive shows, use computer stands enabling your audience to view your institute presentation, campus or even understand the teaching mechanics.

  • Carry a tolerant and kind attitude towards the visitors
  • Portray patience in answering to queries
  • Adopt an inclusive tone of voice
  • Use of simple and informal language, resign from the jargons

Capitalize on the electronic media

Speaking as of today, it is quite impossible to ignore the surge in electronic media, already popular amongst the youngsters and rapidly gaining acceptability from the parents too. While the fair organizer will definitely have an exhibition website and social media profiles, the education institute should have their own and promote the exhibition date, venue and other details, time to time.

The risks involved

Having talked about the pros of participating in an exhibition, one must not overlook the cons as well; after all, a well-shielded marketing stint will yield a higher result. The exhibitor needs to be aware of the risks involved from as early as the planning stage:

  • Exhibition requires atleast more than a day of your time for best results
  • Travelling to the exhibition city can be costly
  • Displaying at an exhibition can also be costly
  • There will be competition from other exhibiting booths

Hence, choosing the right show for your institute is a must.
Noticeably, education exhibitions are becoming more and more spectacular in character; while exhibition organizers are making their fairs distinguished by organizing additional events to draw visitors, the exhibitors themselves stage spectacular performances to attract attendees’ interest and make their exhibits unforgettable.

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