priyanandan reddyNitte University has participated in several exhibitions organised by Afairs and is happy with the way it is conducted. The turnout at each event has been good and the Organisers have been helpful and co-operative. We look forward to continuing our association with Afairs and wish them every success.

Mrs. Prasanna Hegde Dy. Registrar (Admn.) – NITTE University

priyanandan reddyThe Great India Education Fair is quite popular with aspiring students, who want to pursue higher education in India. The team is well trained to support the activities right from the start to the very end. The Afairs Team has been very supportive and delivered what they promised, which means “An overseas fair cannot be missed at any cost”.
Well done and keep up the good work “Team Afairs”.

Suresh Anand Mani
Manager – Business Development, International Relations, SRM University

priyanandan reddy“I feel extremely privileged to be part of the team that is bringing this outstanding style of British education to India. I am looking forward to welcoming the children to what I am sure will be a very special school where we value every student for all their talents both those realized and others whose potential is yet to be achieved”

Mr. Bradley Sailes
Headmaster, King’s College India

priyanandan reddyAFAIRS has been a great platform for us to interact with prospective students and their parents and create awareness about various programmes that we offer and activities we do. We at AIMS Institutes appreciate their efforts in organising these events in an efficient and professional manner. Our best wishes to the entire team at AFAIRS for the future.

Priyanandan Reddy

hitanshi thukralWe participate in every locations with AFAIRS like Noida, Gurgaon, New Delhi, infact we are also moving to some international areas Korea & Sharjah. It has been a pleasure experience so far.

It is a great platform given not only to students, infact lot of schools wherein we can come up and showcase the best credentials and differentials to the different Parents. Parents also from their hectic schedule just land up at one place and interact with different schools, understand their curriculum and take the right decision for their Child.

Ms. Hitanshi Thukral
Deputy Director,
Manav Rachna Group Of Schools

pramod sharmaI think it’s a very good platform because lot of Parents have all kind of questions for which they can’t find the right answer and also it is not possible for every Parent to visit so many schools. So at such exhibition, parents get to meet all the schools at one place and search as per their requirements.

Mr. Pramod Sharma
Genesis Global School

yasmin khanWe have lot of Parents coming to our stall during the exhibition asking about why do we feel our school is different.
It is a wonderful platform because a lot of Parents who did not know that we existed, have come to know about our presence and they are also visiting us in our school to know what we offer.

Ms. Yasmin Khan
Paras World School, Gurgaon

rima singhThis exhibition is a great Platform for the parents to come and see what different schools have to offer, after all they have to make an informed choice for their children, for the next few years of their life. For us it is a chance to interact with the Parents to see what kind of questions they have, what are they looking for in a school so that it can provide good education for their Child.

Rima Singh
Head Of School,
DPS International, Gurgaon

swatiThe Great India Education Fair, we have been participating for last 7 years now and every year we see that footfall has gone up. It is a great platform for us to introduce the university. We come here, counsel and guide students in the right way, so that they would then become the global students of tomorrow.

Prof. Swati Bisht
Prof. In-Charge T&P,
IMS Unison University, Dehradun

The experience of participating with Afairs is an enriching one, as for years we have been associated with them nationally as well as internationally. Most of the parents don’t have much knowledge about international curriculum and have list of queries about boarding schools that best suit their child. But after visiting.. Premier Schools Exhibition they gather a much broader and deeper understanding about various schools, curriculum and teaching methodology which clears the apprehensions and myths related to these subjects.

We trust the enduring dedication of Afairs and in coming years also, we would like to participate in various endeavors organized by Afairs as we look forward to maintain goodwill of credence.

Christopher Hanvey
General Manager
Genesis Global School, Noida

A wonderful platform given to schools, to spread awareness about curriculums and an overwhelming opportunity to meet lots of people across various verticals seeking to enroll their children in our esteem institution. It’s heartening and delightful to see children looking for various possibilities to get into world’s best schools especially in Northern India. This is only possible as Afairs has stepped forward to bring the best names in education all under one roof.

Alka Verma
Head Marketing & Communications
Pathways World School

Unlike the other fair organisers, Afairs have a pro-active approach. They are not only serious about their business. They are serious about making this exhibition work for the parents. I see them putting a sincere effort to make this meaningful platform for the parents and for the schools. That what makes them different. Over the last 5 years, they have progressively made this exhibition bigger and better. Additionally, schools have now got faith in them. What most important is that they have established credibility for this exhibition not as a marketing gimmick but as interface between schools and parents. My suggestion to them is to keep this good work going. Make it strong.

Mr. Ashish Gulati,
Vice Chairman,
Blue Bells Group Of Schools, Gurgaon

I am very pleased with this particular exhibition. I think the arrangements; logistics were perfect including the location of the stalls, food and the lights provided. And a lot of parents have responded. I hope it does well for the parents and students. Good Luck !!

Ms. Arti Gupta,
Amity Global School, Gurgaon

We had a huge response. Its extremely a good way to have the first interaction with parents. And having the opportunity during weekends to meet several hundreds of parents is extremely good for us. We don’t have exhibitions like this in Sweden. So its extremely a new thing for me.

Mr. Mats Rosen,
Head of School,
Kunskapsskolan, Gurgaon