Making learning a treat

T hese days technology is everywhere and before your kid grows up, he very much knows about all the gadgets around. As a matter of fact modern day gadgets are inevitable and as a parent you should know what are the pros and cons of these very gadgets for your kids. The excessive availability of gadgets give children a platform of ceaseless information. So how exactly can you draw parity between technology and child’s education!

A gadget meant for your child! How does that sound? Out in the market, there are gadgets which are meant for your child only. There is one gadget in the market which features touch screen technology that allows your child to look, listen and touch while playing, learning games and activities which teach math, vocabulary, spelling and more.

Kids are often fascinated with robots. There is a particular robot which is geared towards preschoolers and features activities or vocabulary development, letter sounds, shape sorting and much more than that. Your little one can stay engaged this way for long along in a fun way.

Targeting an age group of 8 years and above, you can find a handheld planetarium. Pointing it to any celestial body in the sky, your child can click and get information relating to it like its name, history, trivia, mythology and other details. Then there are some gadgets which come pre-loaded with learning activities and games that teach children about numbers, shapes, colors and much more.

Reading can be a lot of fun specially with reading systems which certain companies have created that comes with books, cartridges and a pen. When your child would place the pen in different spots of the book page, the book can then be read electronically. The child can also play games and there are inbuilt fun activities as well.

Most of these gadgets are available in countries other than India however you can get gadgets similar to these in India as well. Technology and gadgets are the need of the hour. As parents you should aim to get your child acquainted with modern devices in an amicable manner rather than keeping them aloof from it.

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