Indian Education

E ducation is the stepping stone to achieve success of any country and the individual as well. Education builds the man, which in turn builds the nation. Education should make a person free, it should broaden the horizon of thinking and should also encourage to experiment and to ask questions. Ultimately, it should make a person realize what capabilities and shortcomings they have in order to achieve great success.

The Indian education system is one of the largest and multifaceted in the world. The complexity of the system originates from India’s need to maintain standard and consistency.India, with more than 1.5 million schools and more than 200 million registrations, is home to one of the largest and intricate school systems in the world along with China.

In earlier days, India had a Gurukula system of education in which anyone who wished to study went to the teacher’s (Guru’s) house and requested to be taught. This created a strong bond between the teacher and the student. The guru taught everything, from Sanskrit to the Vedas and from Calculation to Metaphysics. The learning was associated to nature and life, and not confined to books and rote learning.

After India got its independence, it has worked hard to provide access to almost all its young people.It has only just begun to focus on aspects of quality and seek to improve learning outcomes. Universities and schools across the nation are trying new methods to teach students.But the concepts that are being followed by foreign universities these days, have already been in place in India since ancient times. Indian Universities are superior to Foreign Universities in terms of the quality of education provided by them. Indian Universities provide the students with right knowledge and right attitude, which help them get placed in top MNCs and are front runners for jobs across the globe.

India is known for its education worldwide. Indian universities has been providing quality education to the students making them future leaders. India has produced many famous names, which have become distinguished personalities in their respective fields.

The current education system of India is mutating every single day, and has caught everyone’s attention.Indian universities are striving to provide better technologies with a new way of studying, to help the students grasp the vast amount of knowledge that is available these days. Indian education is also more affordable than foreign education, for which parents and students have to take loans or student loans. These loans can become very difficult to pay off at the starting of your career.

Presently the education system consist of kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school. After high school students go for further studies with graduation and post-graduation.

Anyone who have studied in Indian schools and colleges will support the fact, that Indian Education system has produced more engineers, doctors and MBA’s in contrast to any other country in the world.India has so many good software engineers and other professionals. Foreign countries recruit people from India, 20% people who are working with NASA are Indian’s.More than half engineer’s that work in foreign companies come from India!

Do you wish to become one of them?

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