DAD: The real Superman


arvel has certainly given us imaginary superheroes but when we talk of real superheroes there is a man who has been the epitome of all the virtues in life & truly the most cherished gift that a kid can ever have, that’s Dad! He accounts for all our comforts & demands, gets lauded for all our achievements & takes all the battering for our wrong doings. He plans everything for the family & ensures the comfort of everyone. Also, when it comes to maintaining proper balance between family & work it is only him, all the way around!


Your real ideal: To set a goal in life, a child is often taught to follow an ideal which apparently helps too. But there is no point looking out for an example when we have someone like our dad to look up to. He is the most apt ideal one can have & an incarnation of the legend.

Tends to all our needs: No matter how severe a situation is or how tough the going gets, a father never cedes up on his child! He strives to make things simpler & painless for him. Though a mother is always there, round-the-clock & also responsible for a child’s existence but that doesn’t minimize a father’s role either. So, he has an eminent role in our existence if not less.

The Protector: As a kid, we would valiantly pick fights with our local friends with a reassuring premonition that dad is there to bail us out, no matter how grave the situation becomes. Infact nothing beats the profound feeling of invincibility while we walk the road holding our father’s finger. So, a father is the ultimate protector of a child.

Teacher: Home is the first school of a child & parents are their primary teachers. The first & the most vital lessons in life is taught at home where kids learn the basics of walking, talking & presenting themselves to the world.

Playmate/Companion: Life becomes so vibrant when we find an ideal companion to play our games with. Right from infants’ age to the toddler stage, a dad is always at our disposal repeatedly picking our stray balls, rearranging abacus & recoiling keys in the toys for us. No matter how tiring his day was at the office, he has all the time in the world to tend to our needs at the slightest of hint from us. It does matter when we don’t find a companion to play our games with. But with Dad around most of the worries fall apart, he is definitely the best play companion one can ever have.

Servant cum Trainer: A dad is the epitome of patience & sanity. No matter how many times we shoot our innocent questions at him, every time he answers each with patience. Right from cleaning all the mess littered by us to changing the nappies at 2am, a dad is always at our disposal. And mind you, he also has to rush to his office early in the morning.

Honestly speaking, a blog is too minimalistic an effort to contain all the responsibilities of a father. And given the course of action that remains lined up for his schedule, even the likes of Superman would reckon its agility in a day to day life. A toast to all the fathers in this world!!

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