Indian Education

E ducation is the stepping stone to achieve success of any country and the individual as well. Education builds the man, which in turn builds the nation. Education should make a person free, it should broaden the horizon of thinking and should also encourage to experiment and to ask questions. Ultimately, it should make a person realize what capabilities and shortcomings they have in order to achieve great success.

The Indian education system is one of the largest and multifaceted in the world. The complexity of the system originates from India’s need to maintain standard and consistency.India, with more than 1.5 million schools and more than 200 million registrations, is home to one of the largest and intricate school systems in the world along with China.

In earlier days, India had a Gurukula system of education in which anyone who wished to study went to the teacher’s (Guru’s) house and requested to be taught. This created a strong bond between the teacher and the student. The guru taught everything, from Sanskrit to the Vedas and from Calculation to Metaphysics. The learning was associated to nature and life, and not confined to books and rote learning.

After India got its independence, it has worked hard to provide access to almost all its young people.It has only just begun to focus on aspects of quality and seek to improve learning outcomes. Universities and schools across the nation are trying new methods to teach students.But the concepts that are being followed by foreign universities these days, have already been in place in India since ancient times. Indian Universities are superior to Foreign Universities in terms of the quality of education provided by them. Indian Universities provide the students with right knowledge and right attitude, which help them get placed in top MNCs and are front runners for jobs across the globe.

India is known for its education worldwide. Indian universities has been providing quality education to the students making them future leaders. India has produced many famous names, which have become distinguished personalities in their respective fields.

The current education system of India is mutating every single day, and has caught everyone’s attention.Indian universities are striving to provide better technologies with a new way of studying, to help the students grasp the vast amount of knowledge that is available these days. Indian education is also more affordable than foreign education, for which parents and students have to take loans or student loans. These loans can become very difficult to pay off at the starting of your career.

Presently the education system consist of kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school. After high school students go for further studies with graduation and post-graduation.

Anyone who have studied in Indian schools and colleges will support the fact, that Indian Education system has produced more engineers, doctors and MBA’s in contrast to any other country in the world.India has so many good software engineers and other professionals. Foreign countries recruit people from India, 20% people who are working with NASA are Indian’s.More than half engineer’s that work in foreign companies come from India!

Do you wish to become one of them?


Making learning a treat

T hese days technology is everywhere and before your kid grows up, he very much knows about all the gadgets around. As a matter of fact modern day gadgets are inevitable and as a parent you should know what are the pros and cons of these very gadgets for your kids. The excessive availability of gadgets give children a platform of ceaseless information. So how exactly can you draw parity between technology and child’s education!

A gadget meant for your child! How does that sound? Out in the market, there are gadgets which are meant for your child only. There is one gadget in the market which features touch screen technology that allows your child to look, listen and touch while playing, learning games and activities which teach math, vocabulary, spelling and more.

Kids are often fascinated with robots. There is a particular robot which is geared towards preschoolers and features activities or vocabulary development, letter sounds, shape sorting and much more than that. Your little one can stay engaged this way for long along in a fun way.

Targeting an age group of 8 years and above, you can find a handheld planetarium. Pointing it to any celestial body in the sky, your child can click and get information relating to it like its name, history, trivia, mythology and other details. Then there are some gadgets which come pre-loaded with learning activities and games that teach children about numbers, shapes, colors and much more.

Reading can be a lot of fun specially with reading systems which certain companies have created that comes with books, cartridges and a pen. When your child would place the pen in different spots of the book page, the book can then be read electronically. The child can also play games and there are inbuilt fun activities as well.

Most of these gadgets are available in countries other than India however you can get gadgets similar to these in India as well. Technology and gadgets are the need of the hour. As parents you should aim to get your child acquainted with modern devices in an amicable manner rather than keeping them aloof from it.


Welcome Your Child to the bright world of possibilities

S chooling is a significant event in a child’s life. A loving parent makes sure to warm up the amazing journey with a fruitful endeavor. Being a child isn’t an easy task.Child-education

The vibrancy of an unconquered childhood deserves the guiding light of affection and direction. Keeping a few things in mind, you can make a difference:

  • Instill the love for books: Let your child know that good books are the only true and everlasting friends and that nothing can replace the bliss of entering the adventurous world of books and exploring reality. Organize a reading session in quiet afternoon or evening hours for a happy family reading experience.
  • Encourage curiosity: Remember to never suppress your kid’s curiosity. Enjoy the new ideas and queries with a smile. Peep into the surface of things and try answering with a tender elderly feel.
  • Let your child know ‘you’re there’: For a young and innocent child, it’s extremely important to feel loved and cared for, and know an elder to consult while encountering difficulties. Being a supportive adult, you can help build confidence in your child to face everyday challenges and later metamorphose into a responsible adult.
  • Celebrate family time: It has been rightly said that time is the best gift to be given. It shows sincerity and dedication. Sometimes sharing a word or two with your child is better than gifting him/her a new toy.
  • Balance outdoors and indoors: Maintaining a right balance between outdoor fun and indoor activities is another aspect of effective parenting. Shuffle up the weekend fun and make it more happening. This way, the child will learn to accept the different tastes and broaden up his perception.
  • Spread the magic of storytelling and poetry: Children share an amusing relationship with rhymes. This is the reason why pre-schools are all about stories and poetry pieces. Due to fresh memory and better learning ability, children are better at memorizing poetry and winning hearts with that sweet voice. Let them love words and know the art of self expression.
  • Just share: When something seems to be going wrong, sharing it rejuvenates the mind. Be a friend cum parent and you’ll see that your child approaches you first about how his day went at school and why or why not he dislikes a particular teacher or any other story of bullying. Sharing makes things easier and clears away doubts and confusions. It empowers the child as well.

So welcome your child to the bight world of hopes, dreams and possibilities and partake in making a remarkable change. Indeed, a parent is the most effective teacher! Be one!


Indulge in creating lasting memories this children’s day

C reate lasting memories of time well spent. Things to engage in this Children’s day

Kids are often tough to please – but they’ll be grinning from ear to ear whenever they’re engaged in the right things. It goes without saying: Playing with your child holds its own intrinsic joy, regardless of the activity. There is no shortage of attractions in our community geared toward keeping the kids happy. Here are few fun things to do with your child this children’s day.

Indoor bowling
A great way to reuse water bottles (or you can purchase an indoor bowling set). Line 6-10 water bottles up at the end of your hall or living room. Place a line of duct tape at the starting line. Grab a medium-sized indoor ball and start bowling! If you want, keep score and give out trophies at the end. (Note: if you need to stabilize the water bottles or make the game more difficult, simply fill them up with some water. Don’t forget to screw the tops on tightly!)

Mug Cake
Cooking is very educational. Kids practice math as they count and measure, science as they observe how ingredients change when they are blended or heated, and language arts as they build their vocabulary.
Combine 4 tablespoons of four, 2 tablespoons of cocoa, 4 tablespoons of sugar, pinch of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of Nutella or chocolate chips, 3 tablespoons of milk and 3 tablespoons of oil in a large coffee mug. Whisk well with a fork until smooth. Microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Enjoy!

T-shirt Paint
T-shirt painting is tons of fun for both children and adults. Bright colored paints and a semi-steady hand can transform a plain t-shirt into a real fashion statement. Better, they enable children to express themselves creatively and then wear their statement again and again. Simply cut household sponges into fun shapes like hearts, stars, circles, and leaves, and have a rainbow of paint colors available for the kids to experiment with. After sponging on their designs, they can embellish with paintbrushes (make sure to have several sizes lying around!) and add extra swirls or outlines with glitter paint.

Treasure Hunt
A treasure hunt party is all the rage with all children. The idea is to create your own treasure, which could be old jewelry, gold coin candy, and toy presents that you hide all over the house or the backyard. Or you can create a treasure chest out of a cardboard box with a map where X marks the spot! Parents and kids can dress up like pirates with eye patches and you can have games such as walking the plank or the children can go play with plastic swords.

Most kids love animals, and are especially fascinated by big cats and other exotic creatures at the zoo. What better way to see these animals up close and learn more about them than by taking them to the Zoo?
Kids will be thrilled to see these beautiful animals up close–and you never know; with this gift you could inspire a future zookeeper or veterinarian’s career.

What kid doesn’t secretly wish for a run in the park along with swings and sandwiches? Surprise your kid by planning a picnic to nearby amusement park or children’s park along with his/her favorite snack. Plan some fun games like Sun-Moon, Clap and Catch and your kids’ will have the time of their life.
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Understanding your child’s interest


here is no school equal to decent home & no teacher equal to a virtuous parent”- Gandhi

As a responsible parent, it is your obligation to instill the ethical & moral values in your child, but does that imply you should overlook your child’s interest? Of course, not! Teaching & learning has to be a friendly & mutual affair. So, when your little kid is slowly getting acquainted to various pigments of the gorgeous life, you as a parent must pull up your socks & put yourself at his disposal as & when they need you. Here are a few things that specifically need to be taken care of.


Developing Your Child’s Potential: An ideal parent must possess the capability to gauge the true acumen of his child. So it becomes quite evident that you must ask the teacher to allow your child to move through the curriculum at a pace that accommodates his/her knowledge level. Rushing into things will only multiply his problems. Also you must ensure that mistakes lead to perfection, having said that your job as a parent isn’t to prevent your children from falling, but to pick them up when they do.

Hobbies and Interests Can Enrich a Child’s Life: You never know when hobbies turn into a fatal attachment. Being a responsible parent you must cultivate the habit of interest & hobbies in your child & you never know when his liking will lead him to a famed position. Therefore, encourage your child to translate his/her interests into stories, pictures, collections, and inventions.

Encourage your child to tell you his/her ideas while you play secretary by writing them down: You must acknowledge the fact that to understand a child’s logic; you have to bring yourself down to their level & visualize things from their perspective. Accept and use his/her tendency to see things differently & that’s how you initiate the evolution of an innovative brain. Remember, they may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel!

Permit plenty of time for thinking and daydreaming: If you can dream it, you can do it. And the whole process must be encouraged right from the childhood. You never know what kind of innovative waves those tiny brains are dissipating. Give your kid the complete liberty to think & dream and you never know child grows up to become another Einstein or Tesla!

Do not be anxious about single-mindedness: Irritation is the word you must weed out of your dictionary when child starts to talk & shoots all the useless questions at you. That offensive attitude of yours will not only bog your kid down but can also turn him into a petrified introvert. Let him come up with all those surging apprehensions & for the best interaction you can also ask your child as many questions as he/she asks you.

The bottom-line remains that a kid has a frivolous & raw brain that looks for a caring support from parent. Gel with them, support them & help them come out with flying colors.


Raising a child speaking dual or multiple languages


oes speaking two or more languages confuse your children? Would learning two languages at one go be hard for your child? Would it be good for your child to learn one language at a time or should your child inculcate the understanding of more than a language right from childhood? Ever thought about all these things?

We have some solutions to the numerous problems that might be disturbing you when it comes to raising bilingual children.

To begin with it’s not confusing for children to learn two languages at a time. They can understand the difference between languages at a young age! So your child can easily understand a foreign language and the native language being spoken at home.


Bilingual children who have a solid foundation in their native language learn the majority language more easily and do better at school than children who aren’t learning their native language at home. Children exposed to two different written languages – for example, Hindi and English – or even two different writing systems – for example, French and English – can read and write English at high levels. They might also have a better understanding of the relationship between how words look and sound than their peers who speak English only. If you would wish to know about the learning of your child then you should know that bilingual children develop language at the same rate as children who speak one language only. The fact is that children learn to speak at different rates, but this isn’t because of learning more than one language at the same time.

Let’s highlight a few pros of bilingualism:
For child
Boost in academic results
Increased sense of belonging, identity and self worth
Manifold career options
For Family
Improves coordination and communication in a family speaking multiple languages
Helps in shaping the family culture
Increases family’s sense of cultural identity and belonging
For community
Children can more easily travel and work in different countries and cultures in the future
Everyone in the community gets a better appreciation of different languages and cultures
Understanding and appreciation of different cultures by children

It might look like there are only benefits of raising a bilingual child. You should however know that raising them has its own set of challenges. Not only is it a commitment from your side towards the kid but it also requires a lot of work. Here are a few things which you need to do:

Give them chances to hear and use their second and other languages
Encouragement and support is a must
Get support for yourself – for example, by talking to friends and family who are raising bilingual children
Talk to your children’s teachers and get their support for your efforts
Stick with your choice of language
Every now and then motivate children to speak your native language
Look for ways to make your children ‘need’ to speak your native language
Help your children resist peer pressure to ‘speak English only’ or any such language.


The importance of being a role model


lip side of the same coin.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“Like father, like son.”

There is one thing common in all the phrases which is children taking after their parents! So the bottom line is that for better or for worse, your prodigy would follow you and not someone else hence you are role models for your children.


According to few researchers done in the past; Children tend to grow up to be a lot like their parents. Social scientists and genetic researchers have identified many cycles that loop from one generation to the next. In a sense, people who smoke are more likely to see their children smoking. Children who are abused are more likely to abuse their own children in future. It’s as simple as saying “what goes around, comes around” except for the fact that it’s not a song being sung by Justin Timberlake but the future of your child relying completely on you!

Now that you are the role model for your child whether you like it or not, what should you be doing is a question you may ask? You should ideally challenge yourself to identify the positive things you can role model for your kids like happiness, consideration, self respect, patience, generosity, self-discipline, diligence, kindness, bravery, and compassion. What you do is what your child would imbibe from you. What you eat, how much you exercise, and how you look after yourself will all influence your child. It might be a good idea to take down a note of all the things you do and figure out where you are going wrong and what would be a right thing to do!

Few quick pointers for you to follow when it comes to being a role model for your kids.

Include your child in family discussions and give him input into family decisions, rules and expectations.
  • Try to practice what you preach. Teenagers do notice what you do.
  • A healthy life style is what you should aim for. Avoid making negative comments about your body or about people around. Let there be peace and harmony.
  • Shoe your child that you indeed love learning and education. If you would make it look fun then your child is most likely to look at it the same way
  • Take responsibility for yourself by admitting your own mistakes and talking about how you can correct them. Try not to blame everything that goes wrong on other people or circumstances.
  • It just takes a little thing on your part to make your child go on the right path. Don’t just let your child wander because in today’s time GPS can help you track your child but you can’t track your child’s lost ethics and manners.


    DAD: The real Superman


    arvel has certainly given us imaginary superheroes but when we talk of real superheroes there is a man who has been the epitome of all the virtues in life & truly the most cherished gift that a kid can ever have, that’s Dad! He accounts for all our comforts & demands, gets lauded for all our achievements & takes all the battering for our wrong doings. He plans everything for the family & ensures the comfort of everyone. Also, when it comes to maintaining proper balance between family & work it is only him, all the way around!


    Your real ideal: To set a goal in life, a child is often taught to follow an ideal which apparently helps too. But there is no point looking out for an example when we have someone like our dad to look up to. He is the most apt ideal one can have & an incarnation of the legend.

    Tends to all our needs: No matter how severe a situation is or how tough the going gets, a father never cedes up on his child! He strives to make things simpler & painless for him. Though a mother is always there, round-the-clock & also responsible for a child’s existence but that doesn’t minimize a father’s role either. So, he has an eminent role in our existence if not less.

    The Protector: As a kid, we would valiantly pick fights with our local friends with a reassuring premonition that dad is there to bail us out, no matter how grave the situation becomes. Infact nothing beats the profound feeling of invincibility while we walk the road holding our father’s finger. So, a father is the ultimate protector of a child.

    Teacher: Home is the first school of a child & parents are their primary teachers. The first & the most vital lessons in life is taught at home where kids learn the basics of walking, talking & presenting themselves to the world.

    Playmate/Companion: Life becomes so vibrant when we find an ideal companion to play our games with. Right from infants’ age to the toddler stage, a dad is always at our disposal repeatedly picking our stray balls, rearranging abacus & recoiling keys in the toys for us. No matter how tiring his day was at the office, he has all the time in the world to tend to our needs at the slightest of hint from us. It does matter when we don’t find a companion to play our games with. But with Dad around most of the worries fall apart, he is definitely the best play companion one can ever have.

    Servant cum Trainer: A dad is the epitome of patience & sanity. No matter how many times we shoot our innocent questions at him, every time he answers each with patience. Right from cleaning all the mess littered by us to changing the nappies at 2am, a dad is always at our disposal. And mind you, he also has to rush to his office early in the morning.

    Honestly speaking, a blog is too minimalistic an effort to contain all the responsibilities of a father. And given the course of action that remains lined up for his schedule, even the likes of Superman would reckon its agility in a day to day life. A toast to all the fathers in this world!!


    Work & Home: Maneuver it smartly


    day starts with a thought in mind or none at all. Many people like to plan their day well in advance and others would just like to see things happen to them. It’s a huge deal in itself to commute from one place to another be it for work or personal stuff. Well a man has got two things in his life, his work and his house, none of the two can be done away with! So how does he go about with balancing the two?
    Your children would need you more than anything else. People at work would always be there to cover you up, the grocery items could be delivered at your home but your child, he would not have any one to help him out! It is you who is responsible for your child’s up brining and looking forward to his well being. The warmth, love and affection is what your child needs from you which requires you to give time. In today’s fast life you often miss out on the most essential things when it comes to your kid.


    It is necessary for you to know what your child wants from you. Children, even young children, notice when you’re not really paying attention to them. Being a parent in special circumstances like being a single parent or being a parent of a physically challenged child, comes with its own challenges. Younger children, including babies and toddlers who can’t yet tell you what they need, are often tired, grumpy or hungry by the time you’re all home at the end of the day. They want attention in the form of cuddles and comforting physical contact. Paying attention to your child is therefore of utmost importance. Your child might have a lot of questions for you like:

    a) Can you help me with my homework
    b) Teacher asked me to come in black shoes only
    c) Give me food, I am hungry
    d) I won a prize in the race that took place

    These are a daily affair for any child. They want to connect with you and share all the things that they come across on any given day. A few tips here would come in handy to help you really leave work behind and be present with your child:

    a) Review the work day before you leave work and before you reunite with your child. This allows you to shift gradually to thinking about home and family.
    b) Stay a little longer at work to finish up a task instead of taking it home. Longer hours might not be the best option in the long term for sure.
    c) Try to arrange your work so you take on the most difficult and challenging tasks at the beginning of the day, instead of at the end.
    d) Create some time between work and home to allow work to be ‘put to rest’ in your head.

    It is a fact that has come out through research that stress, heavy workloads and unpleasant social interactions at work can make you anxious and more stressed at the end of the day. This can interfere with your ability to pay attention to your child when you get home. After all it’s you who has to change things around, if not for yourself then atleast for your child. Wait no more and act on it!


    The importance of education exhibition in the marketing mix


    ith the advent of marketing and its ever increasing nuances, there is certain amount of resistance from the customers because of its continuous presence in the day-to-day life. Not so with exhibitions, though. Thanks to the nature of exhibitions, customers are given the preparation time to attend the event and are often ready to indulge or even end up buying your product or service.

    And given the rise in the number of educational institutions and speculating the competition in student enrollment, Education Exhibitions have become a prominent figure, not only for the institutions but parents and students alike. Where else would they get to meet so many institution authorities under one roof!

    Hence, one could comprehend that education fairs are an important instrument for effective communication with your target audience; however, in order to optimize their full potential, education institutions must be well prepared by batting within the rules of exhibition marketing and taking into account the specific character of education-oriented events.

    Understanding the process

    It is important to understand the full process of the preparation and delivery of an exhibition. An exhibition includes a sequence of steps which are importance for an exhibitor to derive maximum gain from the event.

    • Identify the goals of the exhibition
    • Select fairs that would permit achieving the goals
    • Set a budget
    • Work on the presentation concept and design and delivery of the exhibition booth
    • Select and train members for the event
    • Prepare promotional materials
    • Participation
    • Follow up after the event

    Communication is the key
    Next is to decode the communication strategy with the visitors – its effectiveness and complexity! Initiating interaction with the visitors on the ultimate key, for that’s your chance to tickle his queries to conversion. Try to involve the audience as much as possible by arranging interactive shows, use computer stands enabling your audience to view your institute presentation, campus or even understand the teaching mechanics.

    • Carry a tolerant and kind attitude towards the visitors
    • Portray patience in answering to queries
    • Adopt an inclusive tone of voice
    • Use of simple and informal language, resign from the jargons

    Capitalize on the electronic media

    Speaking as of today, it is quite impossible to ignore the surge in electronic media, already popular amongst the youngsters and rapidly gaining acceptability from the parents too. While the fair organizer will definitely have an exhibition website and social media profiles, the education institute should have their own and promote the exhibition date, venue and other details, time to time.

    The risks involved

    Having talked about the pros of participating in an exhibition, one must not overlook the cons as well; after all, a well-shielded marketing stint will yield a higher result. The exhibitor needs to be aware of the risks involved from as early as the planning stage:

    • Exhibition requires atleast more than a day of your time for best results
    • Travelling to the exhibition city can be costly
    • Displaying at an exhibition can also be costly
    • There will be competition from other exhibiting booths

    Hence, choosing the right show for your institute is a must.
    Noticeably, education exhibitions are becoming more and more spectacular in character; while exhibition organizers are making their fairs distinguished by organizing additional events to draw visitors, the exhibitors themselves stage spectacular performances to attract attendees’ interest and make their exhibits unforgettable.